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The Onion Patch Explained

January 07, 2019

If you’ve already visited the island of Bermuda, it's no secret to you that we take our onion pride very seriously! There are mentions about onions all over the island and some still even call our small slice of the world “The Onion Patch.” But if you don’t know the full story of the Bermuda onion, we thought we’d give you a little layer of insight. 

Onions first came over to Bermuda in 1616 from England. These curious little crops grew so well in the Bermuda soil that the United States started importing them directly from the island before World War I. For years, Bermuda was known for their delicious onions and have since taken great pride in this interesting and silly statistic. When springtime pops up,  so do the onions, which means delicious cuisines and even a full day in the onions honor!