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We make it our mission to be the first to know what's happening around the island so that you, our readers, have first dibs on all the best Bermuda has to offer. And, of course, all the best we at Rosedon and Huckleberry have to offer you, too. 

  • Little Girl on Beach with Kite

    It's Kite the Holiday in Bermuda

    April 06

    Easter weekend in Bermuda is one of the most anticipated weekends of the entire year, but if we are being truthful, it's actually all about Good Friday. Good Friday is the first day of our weekend celebrations, but it is without a doubt the day we look forward to the most. 

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  • Bermuda Moon Gate

    Many 'Moon Gates' Ago

    March 02

    Many moons ago, the island was infiltrated by a good luck phenomenon called Moon Gates. Centuries before Bermuda became a place loved by people from all over the world, it was a place of development and exploration.

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  • Violinists

    "Come Together," for the Arts in Bermuda

    February 03

    How do you take paradise? Typically we take it with an ounce of beach with a spot of arts and culture. This year marks the 45th Anniversary of the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts and we are so happy to be sharing it with you!

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  • shutterstock_712297993

    This Island Is Train-ed for You

    January 06

    Sit back, relax, and let the Bermuda Train Company do the work for you! There is so much to do and see while visiting the island of Bermuda, why not take the thinking out of it and plan a train tour around the island?

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  • shutterstock_1023017290

    Bring on the Christmas Festivities in Bermuda

    December 02

    Are you dreaming of a tropical Christmas? We might just know the island for you! With more churches per square mile than anywhere else in the entire world, we think that calling us "festive" may be an understatement.

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  • shutterstock_748432000

    History Is Dock-umented Well in Bermuda

    November 04

    Don’t forget to check out Bermuda’s largest tourist attraction during your visit to The Rock. There are so many incredible things to see while visiting Bermuda that it's easy to miss an attraction or two, but if you are even the slightest history buff, you must stop by The Royal Naval Dockyard.

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  • shutterstock_103036886

    Spiny Lobters Are Being Served on the Rock

    October 07

    Bermudians are excited because, until the month of March, everyone will be stuffing their faces with buttery lobster meat. It’s Spiny Lobster Season in Bermuda and we can’t wait for you to dive into our favorite meals of the entire year.

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  • shutterstock_398170351

    Bring Your Running Shoes to Bermy

    September 02

    If feels like the weather in Bermuda is always ideal—with the delightful ocean breeze and typically sunny days, there is no better place to be than outside. There are a lot of things you can do to stick to your workout routine while you are on holiday in Bermuda, but one of our favorite ways to stay in shape is by hitting the sandy trails of the South Shore for a sunrise or sunset run.

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  • shutterstock_512094808

    Bathing Suits Are Required at the Blue Pool

    August 05

    Bermuda is full of natural wonders, we are an island after all! But it's what’s on the island that tends to be the most spectacular of all. One of our favorite places to visit for an off-the-beaten-path experience is Walsingham Nature Reserve, smack dab in the middle of the island.

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  • shutterstock_410189275

    Flirt with the Latest Fashion Trends in Bermuda

    July 01

    Calling all fashionistas! Grab your stilettos and your flight to ‘The Rock,’ because Bermuda is ramping up for this years Bermuda Fashion Festival.

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  • sunset cruise

    Tour the Town by Sea

    June 03

    There are loads of way to explore the great island of Bermuda, but one of our favorite ways to get to know the lay of the land is actually by the sea! There is no better way to explore Bermuda than by hopping on a boat and seeing it from a birdseye view.

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  • snorkeling fins in ocean

    Bring Your Bermy Dictionary with You to The Rock

    May 06

    So you have your trip to Bermuda planned to the T, but have you taken the time to look at the "Bermy" Dictionary before jet setting to paradise?

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  • shutterstock_1255170316

    Swim into Spring Time at Snorkel Park Beach

    April 01

    Springtime in Bermuda is the ultimate time to visit. It seems as though the weather is just right and the island is beginning to thrive again with visitors from all over the world.

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  • unnamed 4

    Fly to the Film Fest of Bermuda

    March 04

    Film has a way of making the imagination come alive or helping you see the truth in something that is not as close to home as it should be. It is crucial for us to be immersed in different cultures and ideas in order for us as humans to keep growing intellectually.

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  • cricket player hitting ball

    Do You Know the National Sport of Bermuda?

    February 04

    If Bermuda is on the agenda, be sure to make time to catch a beloved cricket match. Cricket is the national sport of Bermuda and an extremely popular one to play and watch on the island.

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  • onion patch

    The Onion Patch Explained

    January 07

    If you’ve already visited the island of Bermuda, it's no secret to you that we take our onion pride very seriously! There are mentions about onions all over the island and some still even call our small slice of the world “The Onion Patch.”

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  • new years party

    Bring in the New Year in Bermuda

    December 03

    King Square is where all the holiday festivities happen each year. If you have already made plans to be in Bermuda this holiday season, then you should know that Kings Square is the place to be for all things holiday-related.

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  • Lighting up the Town of St. George

    November 05

    The holiday season has finally commenced and we couldn’t be more excited to greet November with opened arms! The end of November is a particularly exciting time for us here in Bermuda because it's when the entire city lights up for the upcoming holidays.

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  • Beautiful Botanical Gardens of Bermuda

    October 01

    We will try to be humble when we say things, but it's true that everything in Bermuda is beautiful. From the people to the artwork and the architecture to the ocean, it would seem that this island doesn't skip a beat.

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  • Hunker Down at Gibb's Hill Lighthouse

    September 03

    Bermuda is a sacred place among sailors, and being guided through the channels safely to shore has always been an important essential of the island.

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  • Groove with the Gombey's in the Park

    August 06

    Get your groove on at the park with the local Gombey dancers! Every Saturday from 12 pm until 1 pm you can catch these colorful dancers parading through the park and celebrating the culture of Bermuda.

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  • Fight Fish in Bermuda

    July 10

    Being completely surrounded by water it is no wonder that sports fishing rules the land. Here in Bermuda, we have an obsession with everything ocean, our food comes from water, our sports come from the water and even our leisure activities revolve around the deep blue sea. 

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  • Break Off a Piece of Rum Cake

    June 05

    It’s no secret that the island of Bermuda loves their rum. But one thing we love even more than a delicious cocktail with rum is our homemade rum cakes! These sweet delicious cakes are soaked in rum to give it a spiked, yet delicious spin on a regular cake.

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  • Two Boys Bring Caves to Bermuda

    May 10

    It is true that magic is happening all around us all the time. It takes place in many different shapes and forms, but today's magic is about nature. In 1907, two young boys were playing a game of cricket. 

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  • Snorkel All Around Bermuda

    April 07

    An island escape—it's what we all dream about. Sitting on a boat, letting the waves rock us back and forth, and plunging into the depths of the water, only to discover what's happening below. 

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  • Behind the Bermuda Shorts

    March 02

    Living the island life is one thing, but stepping into Bermuda is a whole different ball game. We take our Caribbean lifestyle one step further by incorporating it into our clothes. If you’ve made it this far, it is safe to say you have gotten a glimpse of the shorts.

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  • Tour Bermuda in Your Own Twizy

    February 19

    Putz around the island of Bermuda in style. There is no better way to get to know the island of Bermuda than by getting lost among the sand dusted streets. Day one dive deep into the historical maritime island by riding in style on a Twizy.

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